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Saving the Best till Lastsaving the bestIt was a nerve racking day on the 6th to come, but no one knew what the results would be. July 2014, most of the country and world knew what was about
Federer joins Djokovic, both opponents both friends, to begin the long winding walk down the corridor, past pictures of the past champions and the memories of many Wimbledon finals, knowing that there is only one winner.
Excitement and anticipation is beginning to rise within the audience on centre court, as the two remarkable tennis players appear.
After both players have finished warming up doing a gentle rally, and the audience trying to tactically work out which player is mentally and physically ready for the game ahead, the coin toss is done with Djokovic taking the first serve, the match commences.
As soon as the match starts, the crowd are roaring for both players, with Djokovic winning the first two points, its set him off with Djokovic on a roll however Federer is soon to fight back, and wins the first set 6-7, what a heartbreaker for Djokovic after being the better player for much of that set he roars back.
Djokovic walks back on, racket in hand ready to fight back... and he does after a nervous second set Djokovic wins the second set with 6-4.
Third set Federer, comes on fighting back getting point after point, the determination on Djokovic’s face is unbearable as he fights back with every bone in his body, and wins the third set 7-6. As the fourth set comes around more drama appears as the ball is being hit from one opponent to the next, as Federer gets in a pickle with Djokovic only two points away from the title, Federer is determined to pull it back and wins more points out of nowhere but Djokovic won’t go away that easily and tried his best to get that last point but hits the net allowing Federer to win the fourth set. We all thought the fourth set was dramatic, but now everyone is on the edge of their seats not knowing what is going to happen, tension is unbearable, the passion from the player is fierce and the finishing line is in the distance, and after an incredible final set Djokovic has done it, after losing five of his six last Grand Slam finals he has done it, he saves the best till last and wins Wimbledon.
From then on it was an emotional moment for both players, as Djokovic takes to the microphone on centre court nearly in tears he dedicated his win to “my future wife” Jeleana Ristic and baby they are both expecting and “my friends, my brothers, all my family and my team for all of their sacrifices” and then he looks up with his eyes full of tears and holds his trophy up to the sky in memory of first coach, the late Jelena Genric.
However after Roger Federer, gets his silver trophy and leaves centre court he doesn’t go and melt in self-pity, he doesn’t get angry with tennis rackets he walks to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge feeling rather disappointed and has a bit of royal TLC, him stating “they were very sweet to comfort me and wish me well, that they enjoyed the match”.
Finally on the night of the presentation Djokovic makes on last little speech ending with saying to Federer “he is a magnificent champion and a role model for me” and he then turns to Federer “I respect your career and everything you have done” ending with a little smile on his face “Thank you for letting me win”.
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